VIP Cars: life of luxury at our hotel and beyond


We do not know one reason why you should not enjoy luxury within the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza, but we have a lot of reasons why you should enjoy luxury even beyond our hotel. And because we are constantly thinking of our guests we provide the safe and reliable transfer of people with the help of luxurious VIP Cars.

Whether on a Journey to the hotel, a trip around Karlovy Vary, an excursions or just for entertainment, you can enjoy the comfort and facilities of a VIP Car that provides the highest levels of VIP transfers.

For many years our hotel has had an exclusive partnership with VIP Cars, sustaining their fleet of new luxury cars such as the Mercedes Benz exclusive S-Class, E-Class and V-Class reliably travelling anywhere across the European Union, while in addition some of their cars are also for rent. Thanks to years of cooperation with the the Carlsbad Plaza, the VIP Cars company meets the high standards required within the alliance of "The Leading Hotels of the World".

Mercedes Benz it is a synonym for a wide range of attractive German manufactured cars, whose tri-star emblem encircled by a laurel wreath has accompanied all cars of this brand since the very beginning in 1926. The three-pointed star represents "land, water and air, and, as these characters speaks for themselves, it is clear that Mercedes Benz is the true element and riding in one of their cars is a real treat.

VIP Cars was founded in 2008 and since its inception they have gained a reputation as a reliable partner and provider of premium quality and luxury, and in addition within the Prestige Club,  hotel VIP guests receive discounts. Holders of gold cards are guaranteed a discount of 20%  on transfers and silver card holders a discount of 15%. If you rent a fancy aforementioned class of Mercedes Benz car, the price will be reduced by 10% for Prestige Club cardholders.

So I thinking about what car you would like and where you would like to go? Do not hesitate to contact the hotel reception to ensure transfers.



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Whether on a Journey to the hotel, a trip around Karlovy Vary, an excursions or just for entertainment, you can enjoy the comfort and facilities of a VIP Car that provides the highest levels of VIP transfers.


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