We were awarded the most prestigious ‘5 * Superior’ certification

It is our great honor to inform you that the Carlsbad Plaza became one of the top three hotels in the Czech Republic and the only one in Karlovy Vary to have been awarded the exclusive international 5-star superior certification this year. This is the highest European certification awarded by the professional association 'Hotelstars'. Thanks to this certification the Carlsbad Plaza reaffirms that its outstanding quality and high level of standards are among the world's best.

The 'superior' category corresponds to the unconditional implementation of 270 evaluation criteria, which are mandatory requirements. Some voluntary options, such as publishing a hotel magazine in three languages or a pillow menu etc... are also included. 'Superior' certification implies that the hotel, which now boasts the title, provides a service that is far beyond the standards prescribed for its class.

In 2010 a hotel association of seven European Union countries - the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Hungary, Switzerland and the Netherlands was established. This association known as the 'Hotelstars Union' has set itself the goal of uniting the international classification of hotel services. The result of this work is among other things, this year, the prestigious international certification 5 * Superior Hotel Carlsbad Plaza.

In recent years the hotel Carlsbad Plaza has proved that it belongs to an elite category of hotels. For the last four years it has been the only hotel in Karlovy Vary and one of three in the Czech Republic to boast membership of the most prestigious hotel alliance in the world, "The Leading Hotels of the World".

Carlsbad Plaza Highlights

The hotel offers its guests 160 luxurious rooms and suites, three international restaurants under the supervision of renowned international chefs, three daytime and one night bar with live music, a spa & wellness facility covering more than 3000 m2, which provides more than 200 types of spa and wellness treatments, fourteen different medical specialties, meeting rooms, boutiques and world-renowned brands.


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Published date: Aug 9, 2011

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