What I Like Most About My Job Is When It Works Out Well

Pavel Uhlíř, a married man and a motorbike enthusiast, has been working for the Eden Group company since 1998. The history of his employment at our company spans from the position of Construction Technician, through to the position of Investment Director, up to his current post of Manager/Technician.

He was there at the construction of Zámecké Lázně Spa, Carlsbad Clinic, the company headquarters of Na Vyhlídce, Eliška hotel, Ester hotel and, last but not least, the Carlsbad Plaza hotel.

Pavel Uhlíř studied at Secondary School of Civil Engineering in Plzen and, thanks to his vast experience in this field of expertise Eden Group recruited him into its team. During the construction of the Carlsbad Plaza hotel he had been appointed Chief Quality Controller and his responsibility was also to supervise the time schedule of the construction itself. Despite many setbacks during the construction, the hotel was completed on schedule in December 2005.

Nowadays the Technical Department is 15 strong and, considering the fact that this team has not changed over the past years, their knowledge of the hotel is implicitly complete. They are in charge not only of the whole technical background of the Carlsbad Plaza hotel, but also of the properties owned and run by Eden Group. They are able to resolve any occurring issue on their own or to organise a repair carried out by one of our 40 service partners. One of the important aspects of their work is maintenance on a daily basis ensuring the hotel's perfect technical status at all times. They also follow the latest trends in technology so that the hotel can offer the highest standard of service to its costumers.

Currently the hotel is undergoing a series of changes that are being supervised by Pavel Uhlíř. Thanks to a great demand for hotel suites, these renovations involve increasing the number of suites from 20 to 26. Thus, new categories of Premier Suite Garden View (2 rooms) and Splendid Suite (4 rooms) will come into being. This type of construction work is demanding when we consider the uninterrupted functioning of the hotel but thanks to the professional team these changes do not present a major issue.

In Pavel Uhlíř's own words: 'I want our hotel's guests to enjoy their stay and to come back to us. If there is an opportunity to build another top-class hotel, I would definitely take it.' May his dreams come true and we wish him many achievements in his personal and professional life.


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