Who takes care of you at the Carlsbad Plaza

Since 2007 the doctor of the Carlsbad Plaza team is MUDr. Ljuba Osyková who uses her vast experience gained before. She finished her studies of the Medical Faculty in the eighties and obtained degree certificates and the licence of Charles University in paediatrics, physiotherapy, physical medicine and balneology. She also holds a licence in manual medicine, acupuncture and SU-JOK methods.

Since 1992 doctor Osyková has specialized in balneology. She primarily focuses on spa treatment of alimentary tract diseases and diabetes, diseases of nervous and locomotory systems, treatment of cerebral palsy and other spastic disorders. From 2005 to 2007 she worked as the head physician at a specialized neurological spa health resort.

MUDr. Ljuba Osyková often represents Czech balneology abroad and regularly participates actively in professional seminars, medical congresses and study stays organized both in our republic and in various countries of the world.

She has also concentrated on the sport of disabled people and doping in sports for more than ten years. Such a specialization requires a deep knowledge of the muscle and bone systems, which MUDr. Osyková successfully proves everyday when treating joints and backbone diseases of guests of the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel. Sports medicine and spa care have some similar aspects because, for example, psychical and physical regeneration or perfect knowledge of physiology, internal medicine, neurology and orthopaedics are required in both of the specializations.

Since 2005 MUDr. Ljuba Osyková has been the head doctor of the Czech Paralympic Team. She visited the Paralympic Games in Beijing this year where she extended her rich medical experience even more, because she had to treat common diseases as well as serious injuries and painful syndromes there. With her exemplary care, she surely helped the Czech team win 27 medals and the 16th place among 150 participating teams.


Ljuba Osyková

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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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