Wine treasures of Tuscany

Hotel sommelier Šimon Jakubík constantly endeavors to choose the widest selection of the most interesting wines for the guests of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza. He is proud of his ability to inform guests of the most interesting facts and information about our wines. This time he went to Tuscany, Italy, in order to visit a family winery with a very interesting past and an even more interesting future. Šimon visited the Rocca delle Macie winery located in the heart of Tuscany, where he met their principal oenologist (winemaker) Alfio Auzzi.

The Rocca delle Macie winery was established in September 1973 on the ruins of a 14 century estate in the heart of Chianti in the province of Siena. The film producer Italo Zingarelli bought the Le Macie estate and founded the winery at a time when vines covered only one hectare of the land. Gradually, the company bought four large farms, and now owns more than 300 hectares of fully fertile vineyards and approximately 15,000 olive trees. Today Rocca delle Macia is synonymous for quality. The suitable location of the vineyards, ideal climatic conditions, careful selection of vine varieties and soils are the foundation stones of exceptional company products. A result that completes the wise decisions and hard work of a man.

The winery has planted 6,500 vines per hectare, each of which gives 6-7 bunches of grapes amounting to about 2 kgs which is approximately 1 bottle of wine from one bush. Varieties include Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, in addition to wines historically associated with this region, without which we cannot even imagine Tuscany, include Chianti and especially Chianti Classico, which is the flagship of this company. As for white wines, needless to say they include Vernaccia di San Gimignano.

Both these types of wines produced by wineries Rocca delle Macia, whose irresistible taste transports you to Tuscany itself, can be enjoyed in the restaurants and bars of the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza.


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