World Luxury Hotel Awards 2014, we have achieved another milestone

We see many luxury hotels when travelling around the world and without a doubt the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza, thanks to its high-quality services and the highest of standards, counts among the best.  Have you heard of  the "World Luxury Hotel Awards", which has for several years already been inseparably linked with extraordinary hotels? Recognized as a global organization it has decided to support and reward its key players, i.e. prestigious hotels, in their quest for ever higher ranking and to create motivation and awareness of the importance of providing excellent services and also give hotel guests the opportunity to vote, to give a voice that really counts, a voice to consider.

The Hotel Carlsbad Plaza would like to thank its guests who, through their votes, made it clear that all the effort and the effort of all, from chambermaids to hotel director, has been worth it. That each new day, it makes sense to tirelessly continue pushing the boundries. Thanks to its guests  the Carlsbad Plaza Spa & Wellness hotel won the "Historical Luxury Hotel" category for the Czech Republic. Different categories are evaluated on the scale of the country, continent and globally. The Carlsbad Plaza hotel is sincerely proud to add this award to its other achievements , such as membership in the prestigious alliance of "The Leading Hotels of the World", it is also the only hotel in Karlovy Vary, and the only one in the Czech Republic, that can boast the European classification "5 * Superior ". Being awarded the „World Luxury Hotel Award 2014“ is indeed a milestone acheivement.

Achieve the highest quality is not as difficult a task as maintaining the highest quality. Our goal is to satisify our guests and contuinue improving our services. The entire team of the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza thanks our guests for their support.




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