Wrap your skin in pure gold

The extraordinary beauty of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and the exquisite beauty of the royal queen ruler of Chinese Ch'ing dynasty was achieved through regular skin care and the beneficial properties of 24-carat gold. While Cleopatra put on a golden face mask at night, the Chinese queen used a gold massage roller on her skin every day. Both were able to enjoy vibrant and youthful skin. Gold has become the cornerstone of Ayurvedic medicine and its effects were also known to Paracelsus the founder of modern Western medicine.

And it's no wonder!! Gold has a beneficial impact on the flow of electrons in the body, and has a positive effect on many bodily functions. Simply put, gold can stimulate the human organism's vitality. Exceptional results have been reported thanks to research focused on the effect of gold on the skin. Results such as firm and supple skin, reduced wrinkles, reduced pigmentation and age spots, eradication of free radicals, and radiant and luminous skin are only some of the wonderful effects of this precious metal.

Thanks you the beauty salon 'Beauty Lounge Magic Charm' at the Carlsbad Clinic you can now indulge in luxury gold facials too. An exclusive method, based on scientific laboratory research and developed by UMO Group, the FSS (Facial SPA System) device uses gamma-PGA and negative ions from Japan. From the Land of the Rising Sun this revolutionary technology quickly spread to the most prestigious American and European cosmetic salons. The healing salt crystals of gold were already being used in modern medicine in 1929 to slow down rheumatoid arthritis, however scientists needed another ten years to devised a method to improve the absorption and penetration of the gold into the skin. Now the procedure for this golden luxury beauty treatment simply involves gently placing delicate thin stripes real 24-carat gold onto the skin, allowing improved skin microcirculation, and thus naturally regenerating, strengthening, purifying and lengthening the natural hydration process. Indulge in treatments like a real Egyptian queen, for a perfect complexion, it's certainly worth it.


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Published date: Aug 9, 2011

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