Youth under control

A new program inspired by aesthetic medicine is now helping in the fight against wrinkles – the collagen smoothing program from the French Thalgo cosmetics. This advanced anti-wrinkle care presents a series of three new efficient products and processes that you can try at the Carlsbad Clinic in the Magic Charm Beauty Lounge.

For women aged 25 and over desiring to smooth those first wrinkles and fine lines thanks to natural marine collagen and peptides is determined a treatment in the form of a series of collagen creams and serums. A series of Hyaluronic products can now help to reduce those lines that start appearing from the 35th year of life. As its name suggests hyaluronic acid is the main active substance which fills and smoothes wrinkles. The series is comprised of hyaluronic cream and a mask and Thalgo Wrinkle filler is presented as a special "star" product. The third series combines the two active substances - hyaluronic acid and silicon, and two marine red algae, thanks to which the skin is tightened and sagging facial contours are shaped at once. For lifting and firming and everyday use silicium cream series is proposed, this serum allows for intensive remediation with a special silicon extract for an immediate lifting effect. It’s all about the smoothing and filling of wrinkles from within using a collagenic booster supplement.

Taking care of your skin is very important, so do not hesitate, come to the Magic Charm Beauty Lounge and keep youth under control thanks to a new program from Thalgo Cosmetics.


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