A recommendation from our Concierge: Cycling


View the world on wheels and acquire the experience of a lifetime. Discover the beautiful surroundings of Karlovy Varythanks to its countless cycle paths. It is unimaginable how much can be seen in a single day. Taking in the scenery from the seat of a bicycle is a little different than a walking tour because the distances are shorter and one can discover more.  The opportunity to use forest bike paths, take in the scenic views, hear the local birds singing and experience the incredible surroundings of Karlovy Varywill accelerate blood into the veins.  Many beautiful experiences can have beneficial effects on a person’s health, for which cycling gets at least an imaginary crown. 

Our spa town of Karlovy Varywith its far-reaching forests and beautiful views is interwoven with an endless network of bicycle paths. Throughout the Region there are 1,975 kilometers of marked trails and paths whose routes were formed thousands of years, many have disappeared, and many are still used today. Set out and explore Karlovy Varyby bicycle on perfectly maintained paths and create your own story about the wandering landscape and protracted horizons.

Cycle Egeris a very popular and undemanding path, which connects the two major towns of the region, Karlovy Varyand Cheb. Along this route there are many nice resting areas and signs giving information about the interesting places to which you are traveling.
In addition to the fore mentioned trail there is also an exceptional cycling route measuring 21 km from Pernink to Nový Hamry and on to the Rolava leisure complex. One of the longest and most popular routes for cyclists is located in the KrušnéHoryMountainsand is 275 km long.

Karlovy Varyand the whole of the Karlovy Varyregion is filled with magnificent natural beauty including wonderful places along the river. The HotelCarlsbadPlazais located in close proximity to SlavkovForest, which offers biking trails of various difficulties. For its guests, the hotel concierge can arrange, among other things, bicycle rental.

The Concierge of theHotelCarlsbadPlazawishes you many amazing experiences on the trails of our picturesque region.


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