Behind the scenes at: Medical Spa Gallery

Medical Spa Gallery

Did you know that the unique therapy complex „Medical Spa Gallery“ employs around 60 staff. Wondering what novelties are coming next year? Look behind the scenes at the Carlsbad Plaza, this time in the spa therapy center „Medical Spa Gallery“, which mainly uses the abundant source of natural thermal and mineral waters, innovative and traditional spa procedures and cutting-edge technology to do everything for you and your health.
Every day, the unique areas of the center employ approximately 43 professionally trained staff to satisfy our guests. Most medical procedures are performed in the form of traditional massages and baths to relax the body and soul.

Around 80% of guests of the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza arrive suffering from ailments and not only passively but also actively want to do something about their health. The well-established tradition of spa treatment in the balneologie center helps to cure diseases of the digestive and musculoskeletal system and many others. A wide range of treatments support your decision to do something for your health and get rid of the pain and discomfort. Approximately 1200 treatments and procedures are performed daily at the Medical Spa Gallery, some are prescribed by our doctor and others can be choosen by the patient without prescription.

The backstage view of the Medical Spa Gallery can also reveil some upcoming novelties, which we can look forward to in the spring of 2014. Aunique Spa Suite will be added to the hotels rooms, its uniqueness lies in the fact that you will not have to program or schedule treatments according to the treatment timetable or availability during the day. All procedures can be performed on both clients simultaneously in the hotel suite, a room with a very calm and homely atmosphere, during a period of  2.5 hours.

The hotel management characterizes the Medical Spa Gallery with just three words: a complex, timeless and luxurious. All of this is quite different from other Karlovy Vary spa services. What more can I say? Visit the Medical Spa Gallery and let yourself be pampered.












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