Behind the scenes of the hotel : Housekeeping

In these lines, we reveal something about what happens behind the scenes at our hotel. This regular column will spark your curiosity and provide insight into the complex gearing mechanism that thanks to the precise operating skills of all who are involved in the running of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza, allows the hotel to run as smoothly as a Swiss watch.

Have you ever wondered about who and how much work is involved in the difficult tasks of brilliantly tidying and cleaning a room?  The overall appearance and servicing of our rooms and suites is the responsibility of a team of 22 chambermaids, assistants, housekeepers, and last but not least, our human resources manager.

Because the hotel Carlsbad Plaza is the only in Karlovy Vary to be a member of a prestigious alliance of the best hotels in the world "The Leading Hotels of the World" and the only one in the Czech Republic to boast the international recognition of "5 * Superior“our chambermaids are specially trained in the tasks of cleaning, whether it is residence or evening cleaning. Our chambermaids must meet 107 criteria, which include their individual personal approach to guests, language skills and high quality standards of cleaning. The chambermaids are also supported by our housekeepers who help them to solve many operational tasks in terms of cleaning and guest’s wishes.

Guest room cleaning routinely takes approximately 25-30 minutes, two-bedroom apartments 40 minutes, and the largest room, room number 401, takes approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes to clean. Because of our individual approach to guests each room is considered unique, depending on who resides in it. In addition to being perfectly cleaned each room is complemented by a minibar refill, arranged personal belongings and cosmetics, fresh bed linen and many more. In the evening a cleaning and turn-down service is provided, because we want our guests to return to their room and experience an oasis of calm which is ideal for sleep, your curtains are retracted, soothing music fills the room, and a little gift in the form of chocolate is left.

The Hotel Carlsbad Plaza with its employees does its best to make all its guests feel at home.


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