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Hotel Personality: Tereza Zapletalová

Tereza Zapletalová was born in 1981 in Karlovy Vary, where she studied at the Czech Grammar School and then at the College of Tourism from which she graduated, her youthful choices therefore have resulted in her dream job. ... Complete article

Sep 10, 2015

Hotel personality: Markéta Azemovičová

In each edition of the Carlsbad Revue our guests are introduced to a personality that is connected with the hotel Carlsbad Plaza and this year’s first edition is no exception. This time we would like to introduce our new energetic business director Mrs. Markéta Azemovičová. ... Complete article

May 20, 2014

Hotel Personality: Jan Žďárek

The Food & Beverage Manager of the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza, Mr. Jan Žďárek, has always worked in the field of gastronomy, an occupation which is very close to him. After graduating from the Karlovy Vary vocational school of catering and services, he began building his career from the ground up. ... Complete article

Sep 2, 2013

Hotel Personality: Mr Jakov Frenkel

Jakov Frenkel is a conscientious man, at least where his profession is concerned. If he had not decided to live in Bohemia, he would have liked to live in Switzerland or Italy. His hobbies are traveling and the hotel industry. And even as a child wanted to be a CEO ... ... Complete article

Aug 21, 2013

Backstage of our hotel: Personnel department

In this summer's issue of the Carlsbad Revue we will reveal a little behind the scenes of the personnel department, asking how many people are employed by Eden Group, in what age groups and what their motivating factors are. ... Complete article

Jan 17, 2013

Hotel Personality

Basically it all started as an incredible coincidence. About 15 years ago a close friend introduced me to Ing. J. Frenkel and since then we have been working together and creating. In fact, I have always worked in the post of Executive Director, but over the years the number of hotels that we as a company have operated has changed. ... Complete article

Nov 15, 2012

Hotel Personality

In the periodic column we present a hotel personality and this time we interviewed the sympathetic Director of the SPA Division, Maxima Frenkel. ... Complete article

Jul 30, 2012

What I Like Most About My Job Is When It Works Out Well

Pavel Uhlíř, a married man and a motorbike enthusiast, has been working for the Eden Group company since 1998. The history of his employment at our company spans from the position of Construction Technician, through to the position of Investment Director, up to his current post of Manager/Technician. ... Complete article

May 17, 2012

Behind the Scenes

On seeing any served dish in a restaurant a question like this might come to mind: ‘What is behind all this and what actually happens in the kitchen?’ Carlsbad Plaza’s chef Lukáš Paluška allowed us to penetrate the secrets of our hotel’s kitchens. ... Complete article

May 14, 2012

Radka Pavúková: Compliments from our guests gratify me

Radka Pavúková has been working for the company Eden Group for twelve years. First employed in the position of clerk she rose to become housekeeping the manager during that time."What I most enjoy about the job of head-of-cleaning, ... Complete article

Nov 6, 2011
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