Eau de Vie - Water of Life

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Eau de Vie - Water of Life

Around the world, since time immemorial, countless varieties of grapes have been cultivated. Great wines are made from some grapes and from others only average quality wine. For what, however, can we use grapes that are so acidic that they are a bad fit for winemaking? Of course, to prepare one of the most prestigious and noblest spirits - cognac.

Cognac is a type of brandy distilled entirely from grapes coming from the area around the French town of Cognac. The difference between cognac and brandy is therefore rightly compared to the difference between true champagne and sparkling wine. Geographical uniqueness supplemented by special methods of production is responsible for the unique character of the drink.

How is cognac made? Through distillation of wine from white grapes, in copper distillation equipment, the so-called eau de vie - water of life is produced, that then is long matured in oak barrels. Every year about 3% of this fluid evaporates from the barrel, which is called la part des Anges (angel's share), and thanks to which the concentration of alcohol in the distillate is reduced.

Depending on the length of aging you can distinguish these basic types of cognacs:

• V. S., Very Special, may be also labeled ***. Aged for the shortest period of time - 2 years.

• V.S.O.P., Very Superior Old Pale, aged for at least 4 years.

• X.O., Extra Old, it aged at least 6 years.

These special types are manufactured for true connoisseurs:

• Hors d'âge is a blend of extra old, rare and expensive cognacs of the highest quality.

• Millésimé or the Annual Cognac is a cognac from grapes harvested in a particular year.

Famous brands of cognac like Hennessy, Remy Martin and Martell can be ordered and enjoyed slowly in our hotel bars and restaurants. At the Old Times Bar, you can not only see, but also to buy one of the really rare bottles, including for example Camus 1878, Louis XV. 1888, Remy Martin Louis XIII. Black Pearl, Delamain Voyage, Martell Creation or Hennessy Richard.

Come and spend pleasant moments in the company of the most exquisite and finest cognacs in the world!


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