From our town: The Herbal Spring of Karlovy Vary

The emergence of the high-quality traditional and herbal liquor Becherovka dates back to the early 19th century, when the chemist Josef Vitus Becher created this delicious liquor that bears his name today - 'Becherovka'.

Josef Vitus Becher (1769 - 1840) owned the establishment know as the“ tří skřivancí“ (three larks) shop where he traded in spices and colonial goods, and in 1794 he rented a distillery (equipment for the distillation of wine) in Karlovy Vary. This marked the begining of his experimentation and production of alcohol.

Becher was a businessman but he also held the function of councilman and mayor/burgomaster. He was married twice and fathered 16 children. One of his sons, Jan Nepomuk Becher took over his father's business and is regarded as the founder of the company and continued to promote the development and production of Becherovka for nearly 40 years. Even today we find his signature on each bottle of the herbal drink.

Then English Bitter ...

Becherovka first bore the name 'English Bitter' and was consumed as stomach drops. Becher recieved the new liqueur recipe as a gift from Dr. Christian Frobrig from England. Becher dedicated two years to perfecting the recipe, the result of which was a liquor then known as 'English Bitter', and was originally designed to treat diseases of the stomach. This medical liquor recieved further recognition thanks to its origins in the world famous spa town of Karlovy Vary where visitors came primarily for the treatment of stomach ailments. During the first half of the 19th century the export of Becherovka to Europe and America inevitably followed.

Now ...

Becherovka is a traditional alcoholic beverage, and a completely natural product. It is produced from the famous waters of Karlovy Vary, top quality alcohol, natural sugar and spices and herbs that are unique to Becherovka. The liquor contains a mixture of herbs and spices known only to a select few individuals. Every Wednesday 1.6 tons of dry herbs is hand-mixed in a secret room within the modern Becherovka complex. This quantity is required every week in order to fill the large stainless steel tanks that hold one of the most famous liquors in the world.

Treat yourself ,in one of our bars, to an ice cold Becherovka and savor the history of two centuries......



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