Hotel Personality: Jan Žďárek


The Food & Beverage Manager of the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza, Mr. Jan Žďárek, has always worked in the field of gastronomy, an occupation which is very close to him. After graduating from the Karlovy Vary vocational school of catering and services, he began building  his career from the ground up. He first worked as a waiter, then became the operator of the French restaurant in the nearby castle of Loket. For experience in the field of gastronomy Jan also went to neighboring countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). He spent a total of 5 years on the road and after returning to Karlovy Vary he proudly continued his career at the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza, where he skillfully took office.

1 / Mr. Žďárek what three properties characterise you?
I am a social person, with maximum commitment and a great gourmet.

2 / How do you define your function as F & B Manager?
Communicating with our guests, overseeing the selection of base materials for the hotel restaurants and bars, and of course their management. Managing social events such as receptions and banquets. Delegating and motivating staff and attending to paperwork.

3 / What is most important in your work?
My goal is to always satisfy customers, and my team delivers maximum performance for our guests satisfaction.

4 / What kind of food do you do you personally prefer? In your opinion what is a delicacy?
I love Italian food, but I can‘t not say that I prefer it. I also like the Czech classics - roast duck with sauerkraut and dumplings.

4 / Are you ever in the role of a cook or waiter in your spare time?
 I can handle both, especially at home. It makes me happy to entertain family and friends in the form of good food and drink.

5 / To what are you most dedicated, outside work at the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel?
Firstly my girlfriend and two children. And recently I have also succumbed to green greens, I play golf.

6 / What do you like best about your job?
I prefer a situation where repeat guests return to our hotel.  They shake my hand, saying once again how much they enjoyed everything. My function has been a challenge in my life, and I seized it.




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