IKA 2016

World Culinary Olympics

IKA 2016


Last year in October, again after four years the largest meeting and competition of chefs and pastry chefs from around the world took place in Erfurt, Germany. In the category of regional teams the Executive Chef of the Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness Hotel - Lukáš Paluska could not be missed. He competed with 8 other top chefs and pastry chefs, who together formed the Czech Culinary Team.

IKA is the most prestigious culinary competition, taking place since 1900, every four years, just like the classic sports Olympics. Competing nations have the opportunity to present specialties from their country and promote the best of gastronomy, what they can offer in tourism.

The Czech Culinary Team "cooked themselves" a gold medal for cold cuisine in the category of regional teams. This is the very first team medal in the history of the Czech Republic, which we won in this category. It was an even bigger and more beautiful award and surprise to the team itself, which despite its precision and the highest commitment to the last moment, didn’t expect to win. Another success was for the pastry chef Iveta Kropáčová - Dancing House, who for the Czech Republic won another gold medal.

Several commissioners reviewed exhibited dishes; criteria were alignment and design, level of refinement and breadth of culinary techniques. Big thanks from the Czech Culinary Team go to its partners and employers who allow them to achieve such high levels.

Congratulations to our Executive Chef Lukáš Paluska and the whole team and we believe that they will reconnect to this Olympic success again in 4 years.


IKA 2016 in numbers:

It was attended by 32 senior teams, 20 national junior teams, 59 regional and 20 community catering teams, 85 fruit and vegetable carvers and 802 individual exhibitors, nearly 1,500 chefs from 60 countries competed and prepared more than 7000 finished dishes in 18 glassed kitchens.


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