Kira Prošutinskaja

Kira Prošutinskaja: I love it when everything is real

When the famous Russian journalist and television presenter Kira Prošutinskaja first arrived at the Carlsbad Plaza all she could say was that she loved it!  A native of Moscow and wife of the president of ATB television Anatolij Malkinko, classmate of the famous Alla Pugačeva, who was the founder of the first independent Russian television company ATV, and presenter of the popular Russian television programs Hey girls, Press Club, Faith. Hope. Love, and, A Man and A Woman. Kira Prošutinskaja is also a winner of several prestigious television and journalism awards.

How satisfied are you with the level of services of our hotel?
"Honestly, I've been to many hotels in the world, and I've visited! But I have seldom experienced such a high level of quality and staff service, as you have here. “I really like your hotel, you're all so friendly!”

You have also tried our Spa and Wellness?

"Of course! I indulged in some pleasant procedures and as expected the services were at a very high level.  And the interior décor and design! I was really amazed by it, everything is perfect, down to the last detail. And your spa facility ... the interior is all perfectly thought out and in tune. Here everything is spick-and-span, I like it, I guess you have wonderful cleaners. I particularly like the atmosphere of the Carlsbad Plaza hotel, everyone is welcoming and willing to lend a helping hand. "

I’m sure a lady such as you likes to shop. Could you tell us what brands are closest to you heart?
"Very often I buy at Sonia Rykiel. But to be honest, I don’t look for impressive brands. I buy what I like. "

What new projects have you prepared?
"I’m preparing two talk shows. The first is entitled 'The nation wants to know' and the second is called 'Women'. It involves famous and less well known women. First, we prepared a show involving narrative theater and film actress Marina Zudina, wife of Russian director, actor and drama teacher Oleg Pavlovič Tabakov. My shows have a psychoanalytic nature. I like when everything is real. "

Do you plan to visit the Czech Republic or our hotel in the future?
"I think so. I really like being here and I love theCzechRepublic. One of my mother’s first loves was Czech, his name was Jan. Perhaps this si the reason I love your country. My mother often remembers Jan. At that time she was eighteen, he was twenty and they met inRussia. Jan used to say to her: 'If I had to marry a Russian it would be you . " And she would answer, 'and if I had to marry a Czech, it would have to be you. " But their love was not to be, they were both still very young.



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