Our town presents: Moser


"MOSER gives you a unique esthetical experience through timeless works of crystal art and values associated with a high useability ."

Moser produces crystal treasure, which in itself is always a spectacular blend of originality and beauty in one. Moser has been showing off its glass art since 1857, since Ludwig Moser (1833-1916), a businessman and talented engraver, founded the Moser factory in Karlovy Vary, which continues producing glass products of the highest quality to this day. It is therefore not surprising that during its short history the company gained a reputation as the most prestigious manufacturer of crystal in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

Moser became a purveyor of powerful monarchs and statesmen, thus reaching success was not long in coming.  In 1922, Moser was already the largest manufacturer of luxury glass in Czechoslovakia. The sucess of Ludwig Moser lies in the production of environmentally clean lead-free glass, high-end manual processing and unique design in multi-spectral color. This unique reference is maintained to this day. Working with lead-free glass to create high-gloss, sparkle and hardness is indeed a challenging process, therefore the crystal factory works with the best master glassblowers, creative artists and talented engravers.

The combination of unique design, historic core and the modern, innovative flair of the current generation of products, makes Moser one of the best crystal productucers not only in the Czech Republic but around the world. Moser not only produces decorative beverage glasses, but a wide and exclusive range of ornate products among which include the production of exclusive awards and trophies, whether it is for example the Crystal Globe award for the Karlovy Vary film festival, or a golfing trophy for the PGA European Tour.

The Hotel Carlsbad Plaza has a Moser Crystal Suite, a name inspired by this extraordinary crystal art. This apartment is 165 m2 and is the largest in Karlovy Vary.  When connected with the neighboring Supreme double room the combination creates the largest two-bedroom apartment in the Czech Republic at (216 m2). An interesting feature of this suite is not just its name or the sauna and jacuzzi in the bathroom, nor the special room for a nanny or security, but also the fact that the Moser Crystal Suite guests includes  free use of one of the most reknowned beverage sets called „Splendid“, whose classic design dates back to 1911. Among the prominent owners of this set is Elizabeth II.

Moser, a synonym for unique work of art, perfect and unique design, and precise handwork. Know your Moser ...


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