Start in life

This project was established to support the education and subsequent job placement in the field of tourism, specifically in the field of hospitality and gastronomy, for children from orphanages. Education is possible thanks to the joint cooperation of orphanages and children from member schools of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants. The project allows participating member schools of the AHR CR to receive a study discount of 50%. Following approval by the council the foundation's funds are used to pay for tuition and everything needed for studying. Further assistance is provided in the way of probationary period work contracts immediately after graduation.

Cooperating with the hotel project is not a condition for members of the AHR CR. Every hotel which contributes does so on a voluntarily basis. The contribution is 25,-CZK (1,-Euro) per person for each booking. Although the contribution does not seem to be a large sum, it will help in allowing children to study and be educated in a most lucrative field.
We would like to convey our warmest thanks to all guests of the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza, with their assistance and through the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza, AHR CR other foundations  we contribute to a good cause and help children whose lives are already more difficult and complicated.


Start in life

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Published date: Jan 6, 2012

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