Terraké cosmetics at the Carlsbad Clinic: Return to the bosom of nature

The Carlsbad Clinic has included the Terraké luxury French spa cosmetics in its exclusive salon Magic Charm for you. Thanks to selected ingredients, balanced composition, delicate essences, ancient gifts of nature and unique philosophy will awaken your senses and will connect them with nature.

Choose the world that is best for you. Enter into the world you belong to.
If your skin desires for a warm hug, let it be heated by the earth.
If your skin is thirsty, let it have a soothing river flow.
If your skin cannot breathe, relieve it of the weight and let you waft in air streams.
If you miss a touch of nature, enter its bosom.

We are introducing rare Terraké cosmetics, combining pure natural elements with fervent love, purity, freshness and beneficial harmony. Try out the cosmetics stimulating your tender senses and pervading seductively in your swell-being. You will get back to the earth clean and reconciled in entire harmony.

Untarnished earth of Terra magica, beneficial power of Primordial waters, refreshing blow and dazzling blaze of Air and Light, lush bloomage of Luxuriant Plant Life. You will fall in love with the primordial spa rite of nature which will unfold its old wealth on all your senses. Listen to soft vibrations of memories of the earth which covers you with a healing microclimate. Refinement, grace, nobleness. Have a rest in your beauty and awaken your inner harmony which will put you into harmony with the entire world. Pleasant smell of the earth, brisk beads of cooling water and sea, crystal pure flow of air, a memory of sensual fruit of paradise. Enjoy the return to the roots and intimate touch of nature with Terraké cosmetics at the Carlsbad Clinic.



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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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