The temptation of Sweet Orient dishes and intimate Asian interior

Fragrant jasmine rice, the robust flavor of wasabi, delicious taste of fresh fish, dazing blooming tea, Japanese sake or nigiri sushi served on a banana leaf. Let yourself be tempted into the world of oriental flavors, aromas, colors, shapes, sounds and atmosphere in the newly concepted hotel restaurant Sweet Orient. Enter this soothing gastronomic salon, which will inspire your senses with grandiose delicacies, selected Asian specialties and traditional oriental drinks.

The Sweet Orient presents itself in a new coat. The fundamental innovation consists of not only the refreshing modification of the selection of food and drinks, it also expands the portfolio with a selection of delicacies of the place. Beverage selection has been most importantly enriched with exclusive strewn tea served from traditional teapots and flowering teas in glass teapots. Alcoholic drinks are also served in a new way - especially wine, which is served in glass cruets. As of May, guests of restaurant can choose from a unique extended range of Asian drinks, Japanese, American or Korean sake, beer, traditional Japanese lemonade, Korean wine, lichi wine or a fresh supply of spirits. The inexhaustible selection of Asian flavors will satisfy everyone.

Also appealing is the innovated service of food - selected meals are served on banana leaves and are complemented by several kinds of exquisite local sauces. Preparation of sushi in front of restaurant's visitors is yet another enticement, which turns the mere consumption of meals into a more sensual ritual. Another improvement in the Sweet Orient restaurant is the establishment of a regular show named "Fire Dinner", held every other Wednesday.

The more original restaurant concept also presents a number of interior transformations that better reflect the style of splendid oriental dining. Emphasis is now newly placed on spatial and light intimacy, aesthetics and dining comfort. Guests will appreciate the soft chair cushions, exclusive curtains, stylish decorative fabrics and wooden screens that preserve the intimate, highly aesthetic atmosphere.

Visit us to taste true Orient with all your senses! Sweet, spicy, bitter, sour, salty, and always delicious!


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Published date: Aug 8, 2011

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