Traditional spa treatments: Moor wraps and baths


In Karlovy Vary the tradition of spa procedures and spa treatments such as these date back many centuries, when by Charles IV., the founder of our city, bathed his feet in the warm waters of the local springs.  This article introduces the traditional spa treatments of moor body wraps and moor baths. In the 19th century moor baths were found throughout Europe, including in Karlovy Varyfrom 1836.

Moor wraps
Natural peat, a peat mud used for wraps, occurs in bogs. It is an accumulation of partially decomposed plant material, which mainly contains minerals, organic and active substances. The advantage of the wrap is that the peat gradually releases heat. The wrap has an analgesic effect and improves mobility. It is used, for example, for joint pain and very effectively relieves muscle tension. Thermotherapy also helps in the treatment of respiratory diseases, diseases of the digestive system, and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as inflammation and degeneration of a posttraumatic origin. In addition mud wraps are often used to treat gynecological and neurological diseases. Use nature on your body to improve blood circulation and feel regenerated.

Moor baths
The medicinal effects of peat can experience firsthand in the magical surrounding of natural caves in a nice moor bath. Your body and more importantly the most troublesome and painful parts of your body acquire new energy. After just a few traditional treatments you can get rid of painful joints and help with problems of imperfect skin, or skin disease. The decades long evolution of this peat-mud bath procedure will leave you pleasantly surprised by its effectiveness.

Karlovy Varyis today unequivocally the European pearl in tradition and excellence in the field medical spa treatments. Experience the tradition for yourself at the Carlsbad Clinic, or directly at thehotelCarlsbadPlazaand believe that you will recognise the difference.


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